Traditional financing that enhances Tresmares product offering

Supported by Banco Santander, for Tresmares portfolio companies and those companies that fit in Tresmares philosophy.

Specially for smaller companies operating in niche markets that feature a unique product or service, and have the willingness to take part in the platform.


What kind of companies are we looking for?

Medium-sized companies seeking traditional financing and small companies whose management ratios are comparable to those of the top 1.000 pre-identified companies.

What do we offer?

+ Integration into Tresmares platform for high growth SMEs.
+ Complement Private Equity and Direct Lending offering to finance portfolio company needs.

What differentiates us?

+ Combined initial assessment conveyed by Banco Santander and Tresmares.
+ Business monitoring and market-positioning assessment.
+ Quarterly assesment with Tresmares investment team.
+ Potential access to Direct Lending and Private Equity financing schemes if certain goals are achieved.

Traditional financing in collaboration with Bank Santander

Initiative aimed at


with 10 to 250 employees

Investment per project

up to €20mil

*In collaboration with Banco Santander

Investment horizon

up to 5 years

* Extendable up to 15 years depending on its pledge scheme

Company Assessment

Market analysis, financing structure and business plan

Service oriented

Access to financing and consulting services

Long-term vision

Option to access Tresmares platform