Custom-made financing

A € 900 million fund to offer the best possible custom-made financing schemes for each SME.

In Tresmares we see financing as a tool suited to the needs of each company, with flexible terms designed ad-hoc for each business scenario.


What kind of companies are we looking for?

SMEs with high growth potential.

What do we offer?

+ Custom-made financing without dilution for shareholders
+ Company research, business plan preparation and further support throughout its execution.

What differentiates us?

+ Investment horizon of up to 7 years.
+ Ongoing support adjusted to companies' needs.
+ No amortisation. Principal repayment at the end of the loan term (100% bullet).
+ Long-term commitment with the company, offering further financial support to keep backing its growth.

Tresmares Direct Lending

Fund size


Investment per project per year

up to €11 mil

Investment time horizon

up to 7 years

Detailed business plan

Setting milestones, goals, targets and cash flow forecasts


Custom-made financing with regular monitoring and support

Long term vision

Open to provide additional funding

Direct Lending Portfolio



European leader in the in-image advertising market

Grupo Ingenium


European leading provider of technical infrastructure and business solutions for the telecom industry

IM Clinic


National leader in premium aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery services

Loaner Services


Leading logistics service provider of surgical instruments