Independent financing platform

Tresmares Capital seeks to contribute to the development of high growth SMEs through capital investments and custom-made financings

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience across direct investments, with particular focus on SMEs.


Investments in the real economy

Tresmares makes direct investments in the SMEs through equity, custom-made private debt or traditional debt.

Investments in solid and sustainable trends

Tresmares invests in industries with sustainable growth where local companies have a solid and competitive position globally.

Investments in high growth SMEs

Tresmares invests in businesses that due to their size could not receive the attention and services intended for large companies, but are able to ensure high management and product standards as well as consistent ongoing progress.

Long term service-oriented vision

Tresmares purpose is to provide services, advice and support throughout the business life-cycle to the different shareholders, executives and employees.

1.000 pre-identified SMEs

Tresmares has pre-identified 1.000 SMEs to contribute to their development and to increase their value recognisition within the economy as a whole.

  • Sales between €5 and €40 million
  • EBITDA between € 1million and €7 million
  • Sales and EBITDA growth ≥ 15% annually
  • EBITDA margin ≥ 15%