Tresmares Financial Products (TFP) offers highly flexible financing solutions to Spanish SMEs

A fund of up to €1,300 mil to support Spanish SMEs in their growth strategy

We offer tailor-made financing solutions that include senior loans (both amortizing and bullet structures), structured solutions (mezzanine, convertible) and equity co-investments


What type of companies are we looking for?

+ Medium-sized enterprises, whose EBITDA is up to €25 millions
+ Proven and tested investment thesis of growth and strength

What are we offering?

+ Tailor-made financing solutions adapted to each situation and offering maximum flexibility
+ Long-term financing (bullet) + Structured solutions (mezzanine, convertible)
+ Subordinate debt on infrastructure projects
+ Equity co-investment

What is our competitive advantage?

+ Long term, no maturity
+ Flexibility to combine various products to deliver a highly tailored solution
+ Agile and quick execution
+ Ability to commit additional funding to support future additional growth

“the River Ebro springs on the southwestern slope passes through Fontibre, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea”

Tresmares Financial Products

Fund size

up to 1,300 million

Investment per project

up to €100 mil

Investment time horizon

up to 7 years

Delivery of financing solutions

Flexibility and tailor made structuring

Agile execution

Quick response

Local team

Long-term relationship