Published on 5-08-2022

Tresmares Capital provides its first ESG financing to MCH for the acquisition of Valora Prevención and Grupo ITAE

Aranco expects a turnover of EUR 23 million this year and an EBITDA of EUR 5 million.

Tresmares Capital, an alternative investment firm focused on growth, has granted its first tranche of a sustainability linked loan to MCH Private Equity Investments in the context of the acquisition of Valora Prevención and Grupo ITAE, companies specialized in occupational risk prevention and psychological health improvement.

Each year, Tresmares and MCH will review compliance with the ESG parameters defined to ensure that compliance makes Valora Prevención a benchmark in its sector in ESG matters. Specifically, on an annual basis Tresmares will commission an independent certifier and verifier of R&D&i, quality and ESG standards to verify that the company promotes the social inclusion of different vulnerable groups, promotes the creation of quality employment and continuously improves the company’s cybersecurity.

“To the extent that Valora is committed to providing free training to people who need it, generating quality employment and strengthening the security of its data management to be less exposed to cyber risks, the financing conditions will be more favourable for the company”, said Borja Oyarzábal, CEO of Tresmares Capital. “This first ESG financing shows our vocation to use our financial services to encourage the companies we work with to commit to the best environmental, social and corporate governance practices”, added Mr Oyarzábal.

According to Tresmares Capital’s CEO, “this first tranche of ESG debt reflects our firm’s approach to sustainability, which involves applying not only environmental, social and governance best practices in the day-to-day operations of our company, but also raising awareness and supporting the companies to which we provide financing solutions in their journeys to become greener and more socially responsible”.

MCH took a stake in the share capital of Valora with the intention of creating a leading company in the occupational risk prevention sector in Spain. In this regard, MCH also announced the purchase of ITAE to integrate it into Valora. Today, the company has more than 100 facilities in Spain and provides coverage to more than 28,000 client companies, with 466,000 protected workers.

Rafael Pérez-Cea, Partner at MCH Private Equity, commented that “this agreement is a step forward for MCH and Valora to commit to growth in terms of ESG. We seek to grow and to add value both for the company and for the communities with which we work and in which we operate, and this only strengthens such commitment”.

Celia Andreu, Partner and Head of Sustainability at MCH, stresses the relevance of this ESG financing:For MCH, adding sustainability to the culture of the companies in which we invest is a fundamental factor in creating value, not only for the company, but also for the society in which it operates. The KPIs that regulate compliance with the goals set out in this financing, as well as their evolution throughout the term of the loan, reflect Valora’s clear commitment to sustainability”.