About Tresmares Capital

Tresmares Capital is a pan-European growth-focused alternative investment firm operating in Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal. Founded in 2020 and comprising a team of 50 investment professionals, the firm offers an extensive range of financing solutions to both high-growth SMEs and their private equity backers.

Our vision

At Tresmares Capital we put all our expertise & product capability at the service of SMEs and private equity firms. We are convinced that helping companies to sustainably accelerate their growth is the best way to boost the real economy.

We also understand that financial solutions need to be adapted to the specific needs of each company, as well as transaction specifics. We pride ourselves on speed and deliverability and strive to fulfil our vision while adhering to the highest professional and ethical principles of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Our support goes beyond mere financing. We develop a deep understanding of the client’s long-term objectives as well as the underlying dynamics of the sector in which it operates, thus making us a dependable, strategic partner.


Cima Tresmares
The Tresmares peak, the only one in Spain that flows into the three seas surrounding the peninsula.

Tresmares in figures

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A brief history

Investment philosophy

At Tresmares we have a clear vocation towards service quality, speed of execution, and tailoring financial solutions to meet the needs of both SMEs and private equity managers.

Our extensive range of financing solutions allow us to support companies at any stage of their development life cycle, thus positioning us as a long-term, strategic partner to founders, entrepreneurs and their financial backers.  We target:

High-growth SMEs

Private equity firms


Our team focuses on the following core values:

Each client and each operation are the focus of Tresmares’ activity. We seek excellence by adapting to each situation.

We understand that relationships are long term and need to be based on ethical behaviour that seeks the generation of joint value.

Both our team and the companies we invest in abide by the concept of evolution through merit.

We look for win-win solutions, spending the necessary time explaining our financial instruments, contingencies and scenarios amongst other, in search of absolute transparency between us and our counterparties.

Each solution within our product portfolio has arisen from a specific relationship need and each of our financial products can be combined or selected in isolation, depending on situational specifics. We change with every operation and with every customer.

We listen and understand the problems that are brought to our attention, and we move quickly to provide thoughtful solutions.

Sustainability and innovation

Our investment philosophy focuses on great companies operating in high-growth sectors though we are firmly committed to sustainability in its broadest sense, including environmental, social and other aspects.

In addition, Tresmares was launched with a clear vocation to digitise the alternative investments life cycle starting with a data-driven decision-making process through to fully automated operational and portfolio management processes. To this end, we are also committed to developing market intelligence and process management solutions, in an effort to enhance the alternative asset management industry as a whole.